About the Company

Welcome to Powder Couture - a celebration of fashion, beauty and luxury!

We’re proud to be a woman-owned business, and are even more proud to work with 95% women with regards to our garments, management, marketing and more!

How did we start? It all began with my first recollections of fashion! While I was twirling in my brand new dress, no older than 5 years old, I asked my grandmother if she thought the dress made me beautiful.

She replied, “For sure, but it’s not the dress, it’s La Percha.” Percha means hanger in Spanish - and she was meaning that the dress was beautiful because of who was wearing it! Flattered and happy, it forever instilled an incredible sense of pride in fashion for me, and a sense and definition of beauty.

Here at Powder Couture, we are all about helping every woman’s own “Pelcha” shine through by offering garments that are beautiful, unique, luxurious and impeccably designed. 

As Yves St Laurent was once quoted saying: “What is important in the dress is the woman who is wearing it”.

Let us help your “Pelcha” shine with our incredible garments. We hope you find something you like, and something that makes you feel even more beautiful than you already are!

Powder Couture - Inner beauty revealed


Our Values

We believe in being a part of making this world a better place and as such work hard on creating sustainable garments that are made to last thanks to their high quality and timeless style.

We also believe in giving back to our community and offer our pieces to select charities who help dress women who cannot afford to shop directly at Powder.